Why an Aircraft Appraisal?

Cessna 206 in flight. Aircraft values are important to everyone. A Professional Aircraft Appraisal allows you to know the current market value of YOUR aircraft.

Why You should consider an aircraft appraisal.

It has been said that “an airplane is worth what someone will pay for it.” However, establishing a true market value should always be the beginning point of any transaction.

 Cessna Citation Appraisals

Book values simply can not accurately deduce a particular airplanes value. How does a book determine a particular airframe condition, the interior condition, the service history and logbooks, or work with all the avionics and modifications that may have been installed.

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  • The appraisal process helps when you really need:
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the present fair market value of a plane.
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the value of an airplane to be renovated or modified.
  • An expert opinion of the value of a plane is useful as a prudent safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains, and other taxes.
  • Appraisals are used to verify damage claims resulting from fire, theft, hail, windstorms, accidents, and other disasters.
  • Appraisals may provide the basis for decision making in the commitment of funds for acquisition.
  • It provides persuasive independent evidence of the condition of an aircraft.
  • It helps support the selling price.
  • It assists the prospective buyer in obtaining financing or insurance.
  • It assists the financial institution by substantiating the nature and the value of an aircraft as it relates to collateral.
  • It assists the financial institution by supporting the loan portfolio for examination by loan committee and/or bank examiners.
  • It distinguishes seller’s aircraft from others that may be listed for sale.
  • It reduces the time to sell an aircraft up to 50%.

What makes our appraisal different?

Besides knowledge of the market and several data sources to assure market values are correct as well as research for each aircraft we appraise. We inspect both your aircraft and the log books and will accurately and objectively grade the specifics that impact the values for the plane. We document with digital pictures of your aircraft bound with your final report.  We list the reasons your aircraft has the value we compute. Each of over 200 items that may impact the value are reviewed and reported.  We get a list of aircraft currently offered for sale and compare the aircraft being offered to the subject of the appraisal thus assuring a current comparative value of your aircraft against the market. We will even build web pages or URL’s to help if you are selling your appraised aircraft! We make it easy for you to advertise your airplane and be assured you know why your aircraft is valued correctly.

Who needs or wants an Appraisal?

Helicopter owners, Homebuilt Owners, Aircraft Owners, Families, Attorneys, CPAs, Courts can all benefit from Certified Aircraft Appraisals. Anyone who is responsible for committing funds in the sale, purchase, financing. leasing, trade, or donation of a plane can benefit from an independent appraisal of the airplane involved.

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What is an Aircraft Market Evaluation?

Unlike an appraisal a certified appraiser does not examine the aircraft and logs or exact inventory and conditions. This information is submitted to us by the interested party in the process. We can supply a worksheet to assist in evaluating the airplane. The value is not certified but can be useful for some users. The evaluations are usually more accurate than “book values” but can only be as accurate as the information supplied.

 What is the PAAO and why it’s important to ask?

The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization members provide a broad range of services to the aviation industry through its professional approach to aircraft valuations. The PAAO is equipped to serve the lender, seller, or buyer needs through an extensive network of Certified Appraisers, a comprehensive data processing center and experienced Senior Appraisers. …..
Read more about the PAAO at the PAAO website!

Tracy Ligon Consulting, was a long term  Member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association and now the PAAO which is a very professional upgrade. We can deliver a certified appraisal on any aircraft. General Aviation, Homebuilt, and Helicopter, Turbines, and specialty aircraft. Most data is listed in the monthly PAAO computerized valuation data system. However, our experience allows appraisals even if your aircraft is NOT within the usual systems.

Each appraisal is carefully delivered and over 200 items which can affect value are carefully analyzed. Each item is then checked over by a senior appraiser and placed into a computer program containing an extensive database of aviation information. Every appraisal is backed by data generated from over 20 years of experience in appraising aircraft. Our appraisals deliver an impartial opinion of the value of an aircraft analyzed and compiled by professionals familiar with the factors impacting the current behavior of the used market. This opinion is based on experience and repeated analysis of these factors which can be substantiated and justified by a recognized, certified, professional, aircraft appraiser.

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