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Used Aircraft Prices are currently rather flat

With the stock market seemingly working to recover after covid you would think that the used market for aircraft would also be “recovering” but such is not the case. There has been some movement and sales but the overall market is still rather flat and hovering. A few piston models have regained slightly, the turbine market is seeing sales, but still the market just seems rather lack luster for aircraft.

Business Jet ValuesFor buyers that is good news, you still have time to shop and find several really nice aircraft at low prices. It also means you need to know the real market for the type of aircraft you are hunting. The word “no change” appears to be normal when examining the market. With somewhat lower fuel prices, reasonable insurance rates, hopefully a climb in aircraft values is ahead.

Beech Aircraft

Beech Values, Photo by T Ligon

Beech Baron , Photo by T. Ligon









From Duke, to Dutchess, to Baron, to Debonair, the Beech name is always one to examine.  Even with the Beech quality  there will be differences in value that only can be shown by close inspection and evaluation. Be sure you get the correct information on your Beech!  Call the Plane Appraiser for a full and complete appraisal today.