Beech Aircraft

Beech Values, Photo by T Ligon
Beech Baron , Photo by T. Ligon









From Duke, to Dutchess, to Baron, to Debonair, the Beech name is always one to examine.  Even with the Beech quality  there will be differences in value that only can be shown by close inspection and evaluation. Be sure you get the correct information on your Beech!  Call the Plane Appraiser for a full and complete appraisal today.

Bell Helicopters – The Plane Appraiser knows the value

Bell 214BHelicopters have special demands to get the correct value. You can depend on the “Plane Appraiser” to get you the correct market value.  All cycle life and time life limited items are taken into consideration, there are no two identical helicopters once they leave the factory.

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