Used Aircraft Prices are currently rISING RaPIDLY for MANY AIRCRAFT

With the stock market seemingly working to recover after covid you would think that the used market for aircraft would also be “recovering” across the board but such is not the case. There has been some movement and sales and the market has been rising. However, some models and many business jets have seen some rapid rise and can be well beyond normal market values.  Many piston models have regained risen and the turbine market is seeing sales. It is a good time to assure yourself the value of the aircraft you are reviewing.

Business Jet ValuesFor buyers that is good and bad news, you still have time to shop and find several really nice aircraft at low prices. It also means you need to know the real market for the type of aircraft you are hunting. The word “no change” appears to be normal when examining the market for many models and really “climbing” for others.  Find out which before you buy.