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Aircraft Appraisal & Valuation Services

Why seek an aircraft appraisal?  From a Piper J3 to a Gulfstream G650 or a Challenger 300 each aircraft will have a specific market value and it pays to know what that value actually may be. It is more than just aircraft and engine times…. only an on-site inspection of aircraft and records can give you a specific appraised value of your airplane!

Tracy Ligon Consulting, The Plane Appraiser, offers aircraft appraisals in Dallas/Fort Worth as well as all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and the US. We are proud to be a board  member of the PAAO– Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization and can appraise your aircraft anywhere. We appraise Cessna, Piper, Beech, Cirrus, Van’s, Pitts, Bombardier, Lear Jet, Dassault Falcon, Challenger,Gulfstream, any and all GA aircraft. We also offer special services for War Birds and Classic Aircraft that some appraisers may not be able to accomplish.

First a few Definitions

Appraisal – The act or process of developing an opinion of value; an opinion of value.*

Value – An opinion in monetary terms of the worth of real or personal property (not necessarily the same as price or cost).

Price – The amount asked, offered, or paid for a property.*

An appraisal is an opinion of value. It is written by a person who has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to determine the value of the subject aircraft. The process of developing an appraisal is intricate. It is not, as most people assume, the act of looking up a value in a book or in a computer program. Improper evaluations of aircraft by persons who are not qualified to make them, or by those who have their own agenda in pricing the subject aircraft, lead to trouble for unsuspecting buyers. High values are far more common than low values. No matter whether you are a buyer, seller, banker, or insurance company executive, you have a major stake in ensuring that the amount paid for the aircraft is reasonable. And how do you know what is reasonable unless an independent, objective, third party examines the aircraft and its records to verify that it is what is expected?

All appraisals that are done include:

    • A detailed examination of airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems.**
    • A careful review of aircraft documentation, log books, and associated records.
    • A computer analysis of relevant value data.
  • A sealed certificate of appraisal and the detailed computerized report submitted to the client.

That means each aircraft has to be seen by an appraiser and those items must all be evaluated.

Our pricing for Professional Aircraft Appraisals are based on the aircraft.

Single engine fixed gear (including home built and experimental)
Single engine complex (including home built and experimental)
Single engine turbine
Twin Engine less than 6 seats
Twin Engine cabin class or over 6 seats
Twin Engine turbine
Helicopter Piston
Helicopter Turbine
Business Jet less than 8 seats
Business Jet over 8 seats
Commercial Aircraft
Specialty Aircraft

Because we need to know a little about your aircraft and it’s location, we don’t publish prices. But we can instantly give you the numbers if you call today.

Tracy Ligon Consulting – (817) 501-2152


2 thoughts on “Aircraft Appraisal & Valuation Services”

  1. Will you perform an unofficial valuation without seeing the aircraft (logs and photos only) to let me know if I’d like to proceed with a purchase evaluation? Thanks,
    Jackson Bean

  2. Normally we do not do “desktop appraisals” due to the fact they are inaccurate. They do not verify aircraft records, they do not verify conditions, they can not attest to the actual aircraft thus they are not credible or reliable as is a full on site inspection and records review. All of our certified appraisals verify and are done with on-site visits to the aircraft and a review of the aircraft’s records including the logs and other available information. Can paint really be properly graded by pictures? Can the interior or condition of the interior be graded properly, can the condition of the panel and avionics be verified? How about the actual existence of the aircraft? So normally not the best of results are seen without seeing the aircraft in person. We can have local auditors do those reviews if the aircraft is at some distance and not practical for us to go in person. The PAAO offers us that ability.

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